Magic Sofa Cover - Maze

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Quick and Easy Installation

Our sofa protector covers are made with thick elastic loop to cover the bottom edge. The seat cover has elastic straps around it for easy installation and removal, so you don't have to straighten it every time someone sits on it. 

Super Stretchy

This super stretchable jacquard fabric makes the couch protector more compliant with your sofa.

360° Full Protection

All-inclusive design is designed to protect your sofa in all directions. Avoid the costly investment of new furniture.

High Stretch Jacquard Fabric

Soft and comfortable fabric protect your sofa from daily wear and stains.


Always Stay in Place

To get better fitting effect and staying in place, we provide enough anti-slip foams to make sure it stay tidy at all times.

 Size Guide

Have a questions?

If you are not sure about the size or you need other sizes for your sofa, not to worry! One of our friendly team is at hand. Please contact us here with more details and we'll get you on the right path.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Aria Wright

They are so amazing cant wait to order more in a different color


Awesome! Customer service amazing. Love the couch covers!!

Faith Lewis


Laurie Laur

This is my third order for Instawhim Interior. My family prefers this type of cover over their velvet version due to texture, but try for yourself. These work as described to protect your couch. Great customer service. Rarely tracking from China can be a little off, but their customer service team is always very responsive and my items have always arrived.


I absolutely love these covers! My dog ripped theough our couch cushion, so i’ve had to do some cosmetic repairs. The fabric covers what I’ve repaired seamlessly. We have two dogs, so if i didnt have the covers on, their nails would rip threw my fabric sutures. Love the quality, easy to wash. Colors of their fabric match our style, and recieving the package didnt take too long. This is my second buy, i bought a holiday version of the covers and loved that one as well. Such a great idea. Ill prob...